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    If you find yourself in a survival situation and are bare on supplies, there are plenty of places to find essentials you need. Places for food would be under rocks, underbar tree bark, under flat rocks and really anywhere dark and moist that bugs usually hang out. You can eat insects like maggots and grubs but if you're not into the juicy stuff you can go for crickets and get less of the exotic experience. Good places to look for water is in places with healthy vegetation. Sand that appears wet on the surface and rainwater is safe to. But just to be on the safe side always boil your water before consuming it. Good places to make a fire are within concaves in the earth because the indentation in the ground helps block the wind. You can find firewood fairly easily by looking around dead and fallen trees.
    Good stuff to start your fire with would be bark fibers, wild nests, and some tree saps are also flammable. If the wood is wet look at the bottom of piles of wood because the wood above it that is what acted like a cover and will be the moistest. It is also important to set others pieces of wood by the fire to dry out for later. Great abundant materials for shelters are leaves, moss patches, and mud. These are all great to help keep out the wind and can even help to insulate and waterproof your shelter. If you need straight sticks and cannot find any to make a shelter you can push over small growing trees if you have to. Then simply toss mud to seal the cracks and insulate the top of that with moss and leaves.These are great places to look for material to increase survival.
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