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    What type of shelter you want to build will determine where you can find supplies. If you decide that you are going to live off the land, then a great place to start would be in the woods, maybe one with a good hill side. Your next task would be to locate tools, you can either get creative or make some out of the branches and materials you find around you or use tools that you already have. Things like a hammer, a saw and rope could be of great use, but this will depend on the situation at hand. Your situation depending may require you to have to get really creative on where to obtain these items or you may have lucked out and already prepped with them.
    If you have to locate these items on your own you are in luck; you have a few options. You can make them; a decent size stone can be used as a hammer or for a crushing object. A smaller stone could be sharpened and used as a knife, which could be attached to a stick with vine and also serve as an arrow or spear. This stone could be used to widdle other useful tools from wood to complete tasks easier.
    Other places to go if the situation allows for it would be our landfills, junk yards and abandon houses. Old vehicles, factories, and businesses would be a good place to look, and not just in the building but the walls. The material hanging on and in the walls are all of use, including the carpet. Everything can be repurposed, remember that in a survival situation as it may be the difference between having what you need and not having it. With just these locations alone or nature one should be able to find what they need to build a permanent shelter.
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