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    In any survival situation, one of the most important things next to shelter and food is water. Without water, shelter and food are rather pointless. The body can only do so much before it will become dehydrated. The dangers of dehydration are great and could ultimately lead to death. Finding water is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes however it is quite simple. Remembering to keep containers in order to collect water in will be very important.

    You will not have an open faucet to turn on so having good storage places to put water will help you. The easiest way to locate a water source is by a map. Should you not have a map on you there are some other things you can do. Look for areas where you find trees growing. You have to dig for water, but there is likely the chance of water being there in order to sustain the life of the trees. You can also follow animal tracks. These will sometimes lead you to a water source. Collecting rainwater is another way of obtaining drinking water.


    You can also find water in the mornings on the undersides of leaves where dew has collected from the night before. There are also plants such as cacti that you can extract water from. The best idea to learn where to find water is to familiarize yourself with the environment you are in. Know the plants, rivers, streams, and lakes that are around you. A simple look at a map of a new area you are going to can be very beneficial should an emergency situation arise.
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    Also keep in mind about the ever famous "solar still."



    Once you learn to make solar stills, you can travel anywhere knowing that you will have access to a little bit of water should you need it. The thing to remember about solar stills is that they take hours in some cases to produce about half a canteen cup of water. The thing to consider is that in the early morning you dig your hole, place the cup and cover over the hole. After your solar still is set and operating, you clean your rifle, eat some chow and maybe take a nap. If you've done it all right, you'll have about a half a canteen cup of water waiting for you.

    One other thing to remember, the darker the cover over the hole, the better your water amount will be. Darker colored material draws more heat which will cause more water to be extracted from the bottom of the hole.
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    Find a small stream follow it up to its source follow it up to the spring with a little work this will give you water all you need camp up above it garden in open spots delow your spring. close to but away enough to avoid flood out do not use your water sorce as a waste disposel bath and clean gear well below spring you will find hiles for this when it is becomeing a stream
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    water isn't really a problem in the mild south west of England, apart from out normal weather being rain, rain and more rain! there are streams, rivers and reservoirs all over the place and the fields are peppered with springs and wells if you know where to look.
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    There are easy ways to tell if there is water around you — the presence of wildlife is one of them. Animals never will live in a place where they can't find water. Follow the animals and you'll find water.

    If there are lots of trees you could get water directly from them if you strip away the bark.
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    if you put a large bag over some of the foliage you will get some water in the morning, its called transporation or something.
    similarly if you lay out a tarpaulin so there is a dip in the middle you will get some dew forming in it.
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    May I share this photo that I took this morning. I just noticed the dew on the grass which reminded me of this site. My husband was kind of wondering so I related to him the discussion about survival and finding water. He said that the summer is gone so the dew have come back. But during summer, the dew vanishes after 6 in the morning. This photo was taken at 8 am. IMG_1978 dew on grass.JPG

    By the looks of the grass blades, it is possible to collect the dew to serve as drinking water. And in the event that there is a good container like a canteen or plastic bottle, sponging or absorbing the dew with the use of clean cloth will need lesser effort.
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