Where to Find Water and How to Make Water Sources From Cloth and Steam

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    Do you know where to look for water out in the wild? Water is a valuable resource to have in survival. You can obviously gather water from creeks, lakes, rivers, streams and even run off and boil the water in a pot. If you feel these ways are two unsanitary, there are other methods of gathering water. You can use cloth or fine grasses and wrap them around your ankles and walk through the morning due to collect condensation. When the cloth you are using is saturated with water ring it out into your water bottle and repeat the process until your water bottle is full. Bees and ants going into holes in trees are good indicators of water pockets that you could potentially use to fill your water bottle. All you have to do is use your cloth, or some chewed up grass and saturate the material and ring it out into your water bottle as mentioned before. Bamboo is also a good way to find water. It holds large amounts of water in the chambers that go throughout the plant. Below rocks and slopes where water will seep into the ground are also good places to look, but you have to dig below the earth a little bit.
    If you are in the right geographical location, cactuses can provide you with water. But don't forget to put the cactus part back in place so it can heal nicely. More good places to look for water in desert like places includes valleys and low areas, the foot of concave banks and dry river beds, foots of a cliff or rock outcrops, behind sand dunes, by desert lakes, wherever you find green vegetation and damp surface sand as well. If you are desperate for water, you can use the plants transpiration to your advantage and cover a bush with a tarp and gather quite a bit of water that way to. Rainwater can also be gathered using clothes and big plastic sheets to sort of irrigate and store this precious resource. If you are by the ocean, no worries just build a fire and boil some salt water and use your shirt to collect the steam and ring the water into your water bottle. These are just a few of the ways that you can collect and create water sources for survival.
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    Water easy in these hills ive got 3 good springs on my 11acres guard them well. There is a welcome cup hung at each one tho if ya pass threw help yourself be respectfulnow water in travel i use lifestraw it carries easy in house i have lifestraw water system in my supply line both are great buys and work
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    Most bush methods of obtaining water do not work around here
    On the few survival courses I have attended none of the expedient means produced any meaningful amounts of water!
    All worked to a minor degree but the amount of effort expended and sweat lost simply gave a negative result!
    Expending a litre of sweat to claim 150ml of water is only for idiots!
    In the dry country west of me if you are on foot in the early summer dry you are stuffed as you can not carry enough water to get from one water source to the next on foot!
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