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    When you are looking to survive there is one major necessity that must be met, and that is food. Knowing where to look for food is as important as knowing how to prepare your food and be sure it is safe. There are two basic scenarios and survival when it comes to looking for food. Hunting in the wild and salvaging stores and abandoned homes for food are a great start. In the case of salvaging city streets looking for food during a crisis or catastrophe, the first place you would obviously go would be a grocery store, drug store, or convenience store. Most likely all the food on the shelves will already be gone. The next best place to look will be in abandoned homes to check shelves, drawers, and other forms of storage containers for food that has not yet been discovered. If an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse is not the situation you are in and you are stranded in the wild looking to survive, food can be found abundantly there as well.
    The options for what you can eat become different. Instead of the typical grocery store foods, you are used to you, you will be reduced to wild game, insects, and vegetation. Hunting wild game for fresh meat daily will optimally keep you fed. If you are not the hunting type, then you will need to find nuts and vegetation to get your protein intake. There is a multitude of edible flowers, plants, and nuts that grow in the wild. It is a great idea to get a book or spend time familiarizing yourself with these on the Internet. Knowing what you can and can't eat can be the difference between life and death. When you are surviving in the wild, you must keep your calorie intake up to stay active and not become ill. Insects are not everybody's primary choice for food, but they are extremely healthy. Crickets are high in protein and not that bad tasting from what some people say. When looking for food sources in the wild try to find where animals are going to, pay attention to where birds are flying to and from, and look for dense areas of foliage. These are the most likely areas in which you will find food in the outdoors.
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