Where to Find Food in a Drought

Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by TimberTom, Apr 28, 2016.

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    When it comes to finding food in a survival situation this is a very important task. The body requires food in order to have fuel to function. You won't want to sustain yourself on salty chips and junk food because in the long run it will end up dehydrating you and causing you to not have as much energy. Finding meats and vegetables during a drought is going to be a bit of a problem as well. Nothing grows well without water plants or animals. During the time of a severe drought or if you are stranded or stuck in a drought-stricken area you may have to turn to an alternate source of food for survival.

    This means you may have to start eating our creepy crawly insect friends. You can find insects in holes and underbrush and rocks. Most insects will come out at night when it is cooler and the sun is not beating down on them in areas that are drought-stricken. You will also find things like small field mice, snakes, spiders, and other creatures come out at night when the temperatures gets cooler.

    Any of these creepy crawlies could be a potential food source. In a drought situation water will be the key to having food on hand. If you have a well or fresh water source near your property you will be able to grow your own produce as well as maintain your own livestock. For obvious reasons a person who has food and water will be both a valued friend to their neighbors as well as a potential target for any potential no good doers.
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    i used to live in Southern California during a bad drought and we would see field mice all of the time. It's a good thing to see what critters are thriving in areas when you are not in survival mode so you know what to look for and when. Timing is everything, as you mentioned, especially with bugs and snakes. You don't often see spiders during the day time, but at night, they are out. Bugs are always a good source of protein, but you would eventually have to look for smaller animals to stay nourished. Also, when you are not looking for food, follow the little critters to see where they are getting their water. Be mindful that you don't take their entire supply too, or you will deplete your potential food source.
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