Where Have All The Terrorists Gone This Does Not Suit Govs Needs Right Now. Pandemics Do.

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    Where are all the terrorist gone? They do not suit the governments needs right now. Pandemics do though, right now. I am talking about, the people here, whom are supposed to keep us safe.

    This might seem like racism to some. Until read to the end. Until getting to: forming a "Proud to be White, which is our right too" group part. No talk yet about what is done to the police right now in the states in this posting. There is talk in here about, actual modern day slavery. Which is not talked about on TV. Only traditional slavery, which is used, as a excuse ,to abuse us, still is. Even though, many of these traditional peoples homelands, still have slavery, to this very day, and tribal warfare, still to this very day. Had both slavery and warfare, for thousands of years, and still do, as all did. But somehow, we are the bad ones?

    So, some patterns, seem to have emerged in the last 10 to 15 years or so, in regards to outbreaks. As a lay person like me, sees it anyway. Just off the top of my head here anyhow. Explaining some realities, below, when dealing with these types of people, before I get into the pandemic(s). You are not going to like it.

    Cities are concrete jungles, where people, are packed in. Like an insect colony. A bad place to be during a pandemic. If covid-19 was more infectious, or becomes more infectious, that can be really bad. Schools can be dangerous to. What happens in nature, happen to people to, in this type of situation. Some die off anyway.

    Besides all the medical community does. Lots of sick people die, because of complications, the pandemic causes. So, lots of sick for sure, will die, in government run, or funded, elderly homes, or from simply, going to a hospital. That is something, that eventually, will also stop, the spread of a certain pandemic. That is also, what is happening. People dying off who can get infected and die. Real life here. Not pleasant. Both matter, die offs and vaccines. Well and healthy people becoming hopefully immune after getting sick, or more resistant in real life. Let’s see them, study that.

    For a little time, personally today, (Weeks ago now April 2021) I decided, to treat this seriously. Like it is my job. Like it is others jobs. 1000s. Seems, as an outsider, not to have been taken very seriously, pandemics. But, an hour or two by me, of some serious thought, as not taught by news channels. Talking heads in suit and skirts, that is all they are. They just repeat what others ask. Got to say it, I really do. Reporters if you ask, outside the norm questions. Warn them, before hand, so they can give the answer, they want to. Well thought out. That is what we need. If you dare reporter. See how they dare, then despair, yourself. Well, I am someone who was put through devil training, to believe I am the devil or his replacement.

    Might as well put it to some use sometimes, my devil training. To be paraded in front of the TV, I guess. Would have been even juicer than the Michael Jackson trial. Right? Not right away, but eventually, why not make him believe, he is the devil, or the devil, talks to him. Like the BTK killer.

    The dog was the devil, and was talking to him. Someone has that job in government, in Yellowknife anyway, or did. Pretending to be the devil, to someone, being brutally abused I guess, assume. In my case, they picked someone already being brutally victimized. Perverts can not control themselves. They want to join in on the fun.

    Can't kill and drown puppies and kittens anymore. Where have they all gone? Child abusers? Sexual predators. That is who they are. Doing other things. Where to best do that, and get away with it? Your government, right there. Everywhere. Now with this too. Think of them as junkies, with a job and extreme power over you, and your family. Assuming you get to have one, and be able to take care of them. If they let you. You must think of them like that. They are doing serious dangerous things to us right now. Even more so. All.

    When you hear, or see someone in authority, say or do something, that makes no sense to you, and you care about that issue. Like you think "why is he she doing that?" You are dealing with a person, who really only cares, about there own personal interests, but wants to pretend to be, making the right decision, for you and yours. Forced upon you by gunpoint (laws).

    Where have they all gone, agenda pushers? Who think you should go to jail or prison, for not simply, agreeing with there beliefs? Where have all the other perverts gone in government? Some new and current "just cause" on TV and the next, and next, and next. Some will stay with one "just cause".

    Look out when they have "just cause". Especially law enforcement. "Just cause" on paper. As they manipulate situations by arranging things (poverty), looking the other way, etc. To get what they want.

    You see it all the time in TV shows, doing this and that, to get what they want. You think
    it is ok. Because they are all bad people, like you, and me. Can't get you, they let people, come after your family. Kill your family. Or as good as. You are going to find out, if you read this, or not. You simply would not be as aware, as you should be.

    Where is all the terrorism related law enforcement activities gone? Did they all lose their jobs in government? Is homeland security gone? Why is it not on TV anymore, terrorism? It was all important and all consuming. "Just cause" to take away our freedoms and liberties, out in the open, on TV. Are all the terrorist gone? What are they going to do, to keep their jobs, and careers? You remember terrorism? Terrorism does not suit there needs anymore to do. So, they stopped coming after us, that one way, right now.

    As soon as it is suits there needs again. They will start treating us all, as terrorist again. Can torture you again, at there whim. As soon as they want to. Again. "Enemies of the state are everywhere".

    It was never about terrorist, but suiting there needs. At any cost, as long as you pay, and do the suffering, is a, ok, to them. Swear at them, see what happens. A real fake just cause. So then, again, they take what you got. So, they have more, and you have less. They make it easier for themselves, and harder for you. They know best of course, what to do, to you and yours.

    They all do.

    When they want to, they will again. Even if just, against you, or yours, like for me still. I am still allowed, to be abused, daily. I am the most dangerous terrorist on the planet, or you would shudder in horror, at was done to me, and that I am still allowed, to be abused daily. You simply would not believe the level of evil they are. This is the new terrorism for them. Your terror, more and more. Control. Power. Your fear, or will be. Just the beginning, again.

    People like Bill Gates in the recent past, have said, there will be pandemics. SARS, covid-19, etc, in the past, and future, to be. Well, there was SARS and such happening. Lots of preppers, have said this to. It was happening just not on the same scale. Local outbreaks only.

    I think, it's the flue, covid-19. Just not called the flue. It spreads like the flue. The flue needs to be more carefully studied. Not just coasting along, researching, as seems to be going on, for decades now. Maybe the government needs to be more like the military is, in movies anyway.

    Threatening to cut off funding, for research, and shutting them down, and or having the staff, and such replaced. Not cracking the whip, all the time, but still expecting real results. May have no choices now, with some research facilities. Good times for some. Full careers, of almost doing nothing, with raises, and promotions, and government pensions, or whatever.

    Maybe a policy of "do nothing get nothing" except regular salary. For all practical purposes, they act like, they have no real education, and can't actually provide, real solutions, to serious problems. To bad they can not be trusted to give fully honest answers. Or try to. They have to worry about getting into trouble and such, for what they say. How nice for them, that must be.

    We lack understanding, so I think some, take advantage of that situation.

    So, results-based management approaches, need to be used, to judge their merit. Like the rest of us have to deal with. Like the military uses in dealing with them, in movies anyhow. They seem to like the money, and power, but not, actual responsibilities, of producing, actual meaningful results. Seems to be still going on, and for decades. Seems to be, lots of bureaucrats, have found paradise for themselves again, as a lay person looking in. Remember that before long ago.
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    You make a good point. It seems that us humans need a "bogeyman" of some description. One of the things I have noticed lately in the UK is that as the overt threat seems to have receded from the Middle East and Islamic terrorism has been effectively curtailed by Covid lockdowns is that Russia is the bad man again. It always bewildered me why the cold war even existed as one would have thought that the combined efforts oft he allies in WW2 would have resulted in lengthy strong friendships but, alas, no it was not to be. But do we really want a new Cold War - I certainly don't.

    As you say it now looks like pandemics are the new psychological threat that will be held over us for some time to come.
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    Trump had the right idea about Russia, trying to make a friend rather than an enemy of them.
    having a demented old fool as a new President helps no one.
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    The terrorists have gotten into office.
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    The largest current terrorist cell is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC, 20006 and appear to have the assistance of US intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies. The cell is currently controlled by an old white guy pedophile suffering from dementia. Or that is who they roll out for propaganda.

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    its fairly obvious its Harris and Pelosi pulling the strings.
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    1. Dalewick
      The idiot already refers to Harris as President most of the time.
      Dalewick, May 5, 2021
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    Masturbating noises and such. Sex and violence. They still do this to me, because I believe, there are other people in Yellowknife, right now, having this done to them. To drive them insane, or to commit suicide, or try to commit suicide, or get into a fight, with one of them. Then the R.C.M.P. show up "not understanding" what is going on, and so a criminal record for you. Psych ward, first for you. A mental evaluation.

    Just your beginning, of the horrors, that will get, even more intense afterwards, because of the threats, that get said, around you, in the psych ward, and what the police act like, and say, as you maybe, call them out of desperation for help, as I have, did, and learned not to bother. (Some became mass shooters). You crazy, violent, insane person, and having delusions now. Still being done to me, torments. So still being done to others, torments. I have seen this, a few times over the years. I realize what it means now. You can not literally think clearly, with what gets done to you. Constantly over a long period of time.

    Just as, with what started to happen, as show on TV, as happened to, the former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. As they were doing more, and more, to him, and he gets worst and worst acting. (I email the press about this stuff. 1000s of emails.) As seen on TV. Just a little of what gets done to me, and us, and has been done to me. Will be done to others. May 5 2021. At Arnika Inn here in Yellowknife. Still going on. A science now, for countless thousands of people to use, against others. Forcing people to have mental breakdowns, on purpose. Whatever takes. It gets much worst, after the RCMP get involved. Not understand what is going on, apparently. Well when the so called "justice system" gets involved.
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    Walking down the street in Yellowknife NT Canada. How brutal it is. April 30 2021.

    Can hear a junkie initiate a screaming match at me amount other things, like death threats, from others, and moaning noises, and other comments. Never even came close, to listening to it all yet. Lots of swearing in some part. Will listen to this myself later, and add what was said and context. Staff at Arnika Inn present when death threats were made Close to beginning. So commonplace, they do nothing about it, except allow this. People who think of themselves as doing jihad, former junkies with big drug habits to feed still. People who just like hurting people, etc. Well staff joins in on the harassment.

    Sometimes I say things, but you may not understand why. I will talk about what I seen, and was going on later. Like the women dressed like, she makes, lots and lots, of money, and acting fake sympathetic, towards me. Call her a junkie lover, if I remember correctly. Lots was going on at the time. This should be the right recording for that.

    So to upload a 23MB file to google drive it is going to take almost 14 hours all of a sudden. Assuming they do not turn off my WiFi access even for a few minutes to have to resend the whole file again to google drive. That desperate right now.

    Everyone in Yellowknife, pretends this is not going on. That they never did this themselves and still do to others I believe to this very day. This happens, ever time, I got outside. Not so much right now, as I can stay inside. So this happens inside. So for years, I was outside. This went on for years outside. If I was for 10 hours a day out for 2 years. This went on every day outside alone. for 2 years and 10 hours a day.

    So have upload somewhere else. Will be gone to download eventually. Upload files for free - walking down street in Yellowknife recording2021_04_30_13_02_10.mp3 - ufile.io

    I think lots of people in Yellowknife NT Canada (Jihad-A-Stan) get official training in making sure people have mental breakdowns, and pretending ,to be helping you, in the government here. Based upon what I see happen, and for years. Well people even outside, the criminal justice system. Do I need to mention the medical community? So what they learn, is spreading, to other government departments, and pseudo government departments.
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    verbal diarrhoea or someone has a mental health problem.
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    Here in the States....the new terrorists/insurgents are conservative, white, Christian Trump supporters....and particularly males...

    As defined by Ishmaelites like John Brennan.

    BRENNAN: Biden Strongmen Moving at 'Laser-Light Speed' to Root Out Conservatives - Headline USA

    This is the Deep State version of "The Night of the Long Knives."

    When people like Brennan are talking about "Their Democracy" they are talking about the Deep State Program...

    What is clear is that they are not talking about the Republic as outlines in the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.

    "And to the Republic for which it stands."

    These phonies in both political parties often substitute the word "Democracy" and hope no one knows...and they are mostly correct.

    However....I catch it often...it is Republic...not Democracy.

    Be warned the Ishmaelites running a Demonic program wherein they reverse everything.and I mean everything...inclucing turning this government on it's own people....

    Some of us were warned that this was coming over 30 years ago...that this would wax worse and worse and worse.....

    One of the clear signs of Demonism at work is the deliberate manufacturing of systems of thought and value which are 180 degrees out of phase with traditional American values....in effect a substitution scheme...a counterfeit.

    Bewarned...the Ishmaelites

    My Non Ishmaelite .02,
    1. Dalewick
      That's whos going to be blamed when he's assassinated.
      Dalewick, May 6, 2021
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    Neither of these have the IQ of a ferret. They have sharp teeth but no brains.

    Harris slept her way to the top using Willie Brown (Mayor of San Francisco, and State Assembly Speaker).

    Here's a summary of how Pelosi clawed her way to the top:


    "... her political involvement was shaped in part by her closeness to Democratic power broker Phil Burton."

    "... The political director of the AFL-CIO called Pelosi an 'airhead.' ..."

    The strings are being pulled on Harris and Pelosi. Soros is one of the major puppeteers.

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    Merely trying to get a education, is enough, when poor, for these people to come after you. Like happens to me. So you can get a job and get away from them. All are suppose to be just drug addicts and junkies. The government doesn't want people thinking about how they throw other people in with the gangs to be brutalized.Not the same as in having law enforcement shoot you to kill you. Just another way to destroy someone. Waiting everywhere now, for all to experience.

    Maybe you think I should get a student loan. I can not do that. I go to some university say with 10,000 other people. People from Yellowknife will go there with the explicit into of harassing me. Then thinks at that university will get more and more like Yellowknife. As the years go by. Then even more will be done to other victims. New victims now and spreading from somewhere else, with lots of young (victims) people around. So then this type of things, will spread even faster, and new techniques, will be figured out, to victimize people. They only hire the best here, after all, to work here, in the government. Paperwork proves it.
  13. George Collins

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    The poor. Especially when white are the modern day slaves. Everybody in government gets to live off your suffering. Poor white women are a close second. In some ways they have it worst. Violence and sexual assault and fear of law enforcement.

    You will not hear the press talking about modern day slavery but only in the past, slavery. Not actual slavery, taking place today, and tomorrow... So they must ball and scream loudly. So you do not realize, what is being done to you, or to people around you, or is waiting, to be done to you. You racist. You criminal. You mentally disturbed person.
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    Terrorist are very much still alive and well . Now they are hiding behind the banner of " Black Lives Matter " and "Antifa " and with the full protection of the government to kill , loot , and burn . As Obama's buddy "Jones " said we plan to destroy the U.S. and bring it back up from the ashes as a " Communist Nation " . Promoted and supported by the bought news media the terrorist have full reign . With all future elections now set to be rigged this reign of terror has no foreseeable end . Governments even want to disarm the law abiding so they will not hurt the terrorist . Even more terrorist are being recruited to swell their ranks for their attacks on society .
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  15. Old Geezer

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    Antifa/communitsts are out in the streets praising Hamas and cursing Israel.

    These videos default to Mute; so, one must turn off Mute to hear (hover mouse over video and the video controls show up):


    On this page, one must scroll up to see the video:


    More anti-Zionist protests



    Keep in mind that the Leftists are also anti-Christian; when it comes to religion, Leftist are equal-opportunity haters of God. Leftist political parties tolerate fellow travelers who are believers for now; however 20th century history shows that when Leftists come into power, they shut-down religious groups and turn houses of worship into museums. Islam promotes centralized rule, so many Leftists tolerate it. Communism seeks to secularize Muslims in the long run. Any belief in God is counter-revolutionary.

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  16. lonewolf

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    I see Jeremy Corbyn and Dianne Abbot outside the Israeli Embassy in London praising their wonderful Palestine Terrorist "brothers".
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  17. Old Geezer

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    "Social media users are demanding CNN respond after discovering that one of their freelance contributors, Adeel Raja, who has written dozens of pieces for the outlet, wrote in a now-deleted tweet that "the world today needs a Hitler." After some digging, it turned out to be one of several messages Raja has posted praising the Nazi leader."

    A CNN spokesperson said that he'd never heard of him.

    CNN, ill-informed of its own people ... and everybody else ... and the world ...

    Mouthing the socialist creed, that's all that Collectivist News Network is good for. Oh, and dividing people -- I forgot that. The MSM is great at dividing a nation, "Believe as we believe, or you will get run over by the peoples revolution!"
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  18. George Collins

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    May 19 2021. 2PM ish. Times are length into recording.

    1:21:23 that is me tapping on keyboard. various times.

    1:21:49 Kind of hear comments in background. "get out of here" and again a few seconds later. These people have been banished from there native communities. Community justice. Was a death sentence in the past. Done by family and relatives in these small places they came from originally.

    1:22:59 woman screams "big fat" and something else

    1:22:12 start screams nonsensical stuff right outside my door.

    1:22:35 someone says "Janice"

    1:22:45 I talk about how it's the prostitute from 201 and one of the staff members or one of the junkies pretending to be a staff member and letting her in room 201. Murders having fun. Prostitute give other drug dealer junkie her key so they can do this. Sounds really crazy. So they like having at least one person with them when they do this type of stuff to people.

    [URL unfurl="true"]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vj5-N3Y6mFc38vYyc3N_UkC8LyrMR1Jw/view?usp=sharing[/URL]
  19. George Collins

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    Blog Posts:
    357am in mourning may 4 2021 2021_05_04_03_55_35.mp3 178MB

    Made May 4 2021. Some swearing. Almost 4AM in the mourning. Constant nonstop taping. Had already been going on for more than 12 hours straight. This is exactly the type of thing they do to people, to give you a mental breakdown. With others lying, they can not hear anything. Other abuses at same time. "He thinks people are talking about him". Laughing. "He thinks people are after him". Laughing. "He says people make masturbation noises around him". Laughing. "Don't talk to him, he's crazy". All kinds of moaning. No laughing anymore but use to all the time with that to.

    May 4 2021 3:57am Some swearing. Can hear the constant, nonstop, banging. Some of these people have been doing this type of thing to people for more than a decade. Not letting people have a good sleep and keeping you exhausted. No deep delta sleep. Experts.

    Want to pretend, it was only the junkies around here, doing this now. By having them constantly after you in various was. Still lots of people involved still. You can not think clearly.

    May 19 2021. Listened to some of recording myself, at random.

    So several minutes picked after listening to a few places at random. Must be basically screaming for me to record them. So just 5 or 6 minutes of this recording transcribed.

    Time are length into recording.

    2:10:06 loud "owea..." than again "owe..." a few more words. lots of sort of honking noises.

    2:10:17 "owe..."

    2:10:29 "owe..."

    2:10:30 "ass-hole"

    2:10:36 "owe..."

    2:10:38 "owe..."

    2:10:40 "owe..."

    2:10:49 "owe..." a few more times

    2:11:00 "owe wake up owe"

    2:11:04 "owe..."

    2:11:05 honking and saying "mother fucker owe...". Disguising there voice

    2:11:10 honking saying "fat fuck". Disguising there voice. "owe..."

    2:11:15 "owe..."

    2:11:19 honking "god" Disguising there voice

    2:11:22 honking "god" Disguising there voice

    2:11:25 "owe..."

    2:11:28 fast with Disguising voice "fat fuck" and "owe..."

    2:11:32 fast with disguised voice "fat"

    2:11:35 "owe..."

    2:11:41 "blow your head" disguised voice

    2:11:45 "fat" with disguised voice

    2:11:50 "blow your head" with disguised voice and then "owe..."

    2:11:55 "owe..."

    2:11:58 "owe..."

    2:12:02 "owe..."

    2:12:05 "I'm warning you" with disguised voice and "fat Albert" at the same time

    2:12:09 not sure what said with disguised voice "warning" then "owe..."

    2:12:12 "sorry you" with disguised voice and the "owe..."

    2:12:12 "fat Albert" in disguised voice then "owe..."

    2:12:15 "fat Albert" in disguised voice

    2:12:18 "fat Albert" in disguised voice

    2:12:22 fast in disguised voice "fat fuck"

    2:12:25 in disguised voice "belly fuck"

    2:12:29 in disguised voice "fuck"

    2:12:32 "owe..."

    2:12:35 "get out of here" and "owe..."

    2:12:39 "owe..."

    2:12:41 fast in disguised voice "fat" then "owe mother fucker" and then "get out of here owe"

    2:12:44 "owe you perv, get out of here, owe..." 2 different voice

    2:12:52 says in disguised voice "fat"

    2:12:54 in disguised voice "get her out of here, fat Albert" Albert is my middle name.

    2:12:04 "owe..."

    2:12:06 "I know" in disguised voice

    2:13:11 "owe..."

    2:13:13 "now" in disguised voice

    2:13:15 "fat Albert" in disguised voice and then "owe..."

    2:13:18 in disguised voice "fat Albert get out of here" and then "owe..."

    2:13:22 "fat" in disguised voice

    2:13:25 "fat" in voice

    2:13:28 "get out of here" in voice

    2:13:32 "fat Albert out of here" in voice

    2:13:34 "owe..."

    2:13:35 "fat Albert out of here" in voice

    2:13:39 "fat Albert out of here alright"

    2:13:51 "moaning in voice "fat Albert out of here" they are experts at doing all kinds of special effects to voices. Decades of experience.

    2:13:54 "you" or "go" in voice

    2:13:56 "you" or "go" in voice

    2:13:58 fast "fat Albert get out of here" another voice moans "get out" and 1st voice "fat Albert get out"

    2:14:05 fast "fat Albert get out here" in voice

    2:14:10 "fat Albert get out of here" in voice and then "get the hell out of here"

    2:14:17 "get out of here" in voice. Get is also "fat Albert" at same time

    2:14:19 "get out of here hurry up" in voice

    2:14:24 "get out of here" in voice

    2:14:28 "fuck"

    2:14:30 "get out of her Albert" in voice

    2:14:38 "fat Albert" in voice

    2:14:40 "fat Albert" in voice and "owe..."

    2:14:45 "fat Albert" in voice

    2:14:51 "fat Albert out of here" in voice

    2:14:55 "fat Albert out of here" fat is "get" at the same time in voice

    2:15:01 "fat Albert hell out of here" in voice

    2:15:05 "get out of here" in voice

    2:15:10 "shit" in voice

    2:15:12 "get out of here weirdo" in voice

    2:15:16 "shit"

    2:15:57 "why are you here" in new voice and repeats several times. do this type of stuff in timing with mt breathing. They like doing that.

    2:16:26 "Jesus" and continues with "why are you here" repeating in new voice

    2:16:25 "someone else makes a comment. The more that one person "why" and "why are you here"

    2:16:45 "owe... oh..."

    2:16:47 fast "this is end" or "this is the end"

    2:16:52 back to "why are you here" with someone else making comments in between

    2:17:01 woman "owe..."

    2:17:04 women "owe...lay"

    2:15:07 "owe..." woman

    2:17:10 "owe.." someone else says "get out of here" at same time almost

    2:17:13 "owe..." woman

    2:17:16 "owe..." woman

    2:17:20 "owe..." woman

    2:17:23 "owe..." woman

    2:17:27 "owe..." woman

    2:17:30 "owe..." woman

    2:17:33 "owe..." woman

    2:17:37 "owe... lee" Leroy, the self proclaimed gang leader. Well pod leader of some. As you see in shows like "60 days in"

    2:17:41 "owe..." woman

    2:17:43 "owe..." woman

    2:17:46 "you need to get out" in muffled voice

    Lots more I guess.

    Expect this to happen to you 12/16/20 hours a day for years, to decades, to people like yourself. The police, will pretend, they do not understand,what is going on. The police, will join in. The police, will say scary threatening things, around yo,u for you to hear. All government employees, will lie to your face. More and more people, will get involved. As they try to drive you insane. Many more things will be done to at the same time. So they can have easy loves, easy career, and easy pensions.
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  20. George Collins

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    So talked about this, and now, there is talk about re openings and such. Probably not related. The problem is, they already did, what was needed, in there actions, to make sure, covid-19 spread all over the world, and all over your personal governments country.

    We will see what happens. If we survive. Well lots of vaccines done anyway. Not effective against the flue. Usually you need a new one every year. So we will see.
  21. George Collins

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    So the war again Israel had is over. Or flareup with Hamas. Hamas means "Islamic Resistance Movement". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas

    Suppose to use special words like "Hamas" and not Muslim. Lots of special words get used. Instead of Muslin. To complicate situations for you. Unless you understand.
  22. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    This happened in February of this year, 2023.

    The pro-Palestinian / anti-Zionist MSM successfully suppressed this year's attack on civilians using an assault truck

    "U-Haul hits, injures eight pedestrians in NYC; two critical"

    Published:Monday | February 13, 2023


    "NEW YORK (AP) — A man driving a U-Haul truck struck and injured several people in New York City on Monday before police were able to pin the careening vehicle against a building following a miles-long pursuit through Brooklyn.

    "Eyewitnesses said they saw pedestrians and e-bike riders sprawled on the ground after the truck drove through. At least eight people were hurt, including two people who were in critical condition, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said.

    "Sewell described the driver's actions as a 'violent rampage through Brooklyn' but said there was no evidence of terrorism involvement.'

    "The incident coincided with the start of the death penalty phase in the trial of Sayfullo Saipov, an Islamic extremist who killed eight people in 2017 by mowing them down with a rented truck."

    Had Commissioner Keechant Sewell called this terrorist incident a terrorist incident, she would have been crucified by the communist press and would have been fired by Leftist political machine running NY, NY.
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