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Discussion in 'Washington' started by wally, Jul 22, 2023.

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    Not sure if this is the right place to put it...

    Been awhile guys sorry for my absence.

    Hello my friends, thought I might update you on happenings in our great state of WA.

    In mid Feb. had a colonoscopy just before they did it they ran an EKG, in recovery they told me a valve was closing in the old ticker. Set an appt. for 2.5 months away.
    On June 15th got covid, 1st day I thought I was gonna die. Couldn't even walk for a couples hours in the morning had to crawl around the house. after 14 days It rebounded
    for 4 more so on July 1st in the morning I no longer had it. About 1 hr later is when the heart attack started it took 48 hours until Monday the 3rd of July 5am to finally hit with
    the big one. I thought again I was a dead man. On the 2nd I had emailed Dr. with symptoms. She called on the 3rd at 8am and said heart attack go to the hospital NOW.
    Sure enough 10 minutes there and they said YES it was. So, 3 hours later went into emergency heart attack surgery. They went through the wrist into the heart and put a stint.
    2.5 days later was home. can't do back to back heart surgery's so valved postponed till Oct 3rdish.

    During this time since 2020 have been taking care of mom. She got dementia then. It was slow kind though for her.

    Last night at 930pm mom died. She was good at 8pm, went to give her meds at 9pm and I saw she was gone. Tried CPR for 15 minutes with 911 help but had to stop
    cause my heart started to feel bad again. Luckily the medics came about 2 minutes later. They worked on her for 40 minutes about and then couldn't revive her. Shes gone.
    Not sure what happened but coroner still has to look. We had a good day that day, not one sign anything was wrong at ALL.

    Betty Jean Wallis 5/12/1938 - 7/20/2023 85yo...
    Interesting in 2007 July 10th my rotten father died.

    About 20+ folks since NOV 2023 have died on both sides of family. 17 on moms side and 3 on fathers.
    She lost a sister in Jan and another in Feb. It left her (85) and Brother (92). Now it's just him of 7 kids.

    She's with God and her family now so finally at peace and rest.

    It's the worst year I've ever had.

    C. Wallis her son (58) and sister L. Kelly (57) survive. No grandkids.

    This house has never been BIGGER now that I'm the only one in it.


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