United States Going To Digital Currency ?

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    I am presenting this to see if you guys can confirm or debunk this information . I am not standing by it . Report is come January 1st 2021 the federal reserve will be conducting a crypto currency as an accepted currency . This will run in parallel with the U.S. dollar . --- Also visa is offering a card that allows the holder of the card to spend crypto currency using the visa card . To get this card accepted Visa is offering 4% off any purchase made with this card . --- Does this sound like this is heading toward a One World Crypto currency complete with the Chinese credit system ?
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  2. poltiregist

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    I assume no one but me have a lead on the crypto currency installation . This morning a contact I have ; made $80.00 watching indoctrination films on crypto currency and its installation into the world market . Perhaps I shouldn't use the word dollars as he was paid in crypto currency . My source says he can exchange it to the customarily excepted currency if he should decide to do so . Think about it though - the government is already creating money out of thin air and circulating printed up money with no backing . Also stores not accepting anything but plastic cards , becoming more prevalent . There is not much difference between what governments are already doing and using crypto currency . We are looking at another planned step toward the One World Globelst dream .
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    "Warning Shot Fired!"


    "Another warning shot across the bow just happened…

    "I warned my readers a few weeks ago about how the Federal Reserve, in cooperation with giant global banks, has launched a 12-week pilot project to test the message systems and payment processes on the new CBDC dollar.

    "A pilot project is not research and development. That’s already done. The pilot means that what I call “Biden Bucks” are here, and the backers just want to test the plumbing before they roll the system out on the entire population.

    "That project is due to be completed next month. In other words, Biden Bucks are getting closer to becoming a reality for us all. Now there is another big development to keep you up to speed…

    "This month, the Digital Dollar Project (DDP) released an updated version of its white paper called “Exploring a U.S. CBDC.”

    "The project expanded the paper in order to examine central bank digital currency projects internationally, though its focus is still on the United States. Since its original white paper release in 2020, CBDC projects worldwide have increased from 35 to 114.

    "When the government is in full control of your money, it opens up the door for manipulating the economy by using you as a pawn and your assets as chess moves.

    "If they need to slow down the economy (as they are attempting to do now with increasing interest rates), they could freeze a certain percentage of your cash so you can’t spend it.

    "If they feel the economy is too slow and needs a jolt of spending, they could punish people who are saving too much with a 'spend it or lose it' policy. That’s the reality behind negative interest rates.

    "It would make your money less truly your own and under government control. We are already seeing how many retailers are not accepting cash across America.


    "To further advance the climate change agenda, what if Joe Biden or his successor decided that gasoline needed to be rationed?

    "Your Biden Bucks could be made to stop working at the gas pump once you’ve purchased a certain amount of gasoline in a week! They could justify it based on “national security concerns” or whatever, and that it’s something they just have to do.

    "In other words, Biden Bucks would create new ways for the government to control how much you could buy of an item, or even ban certain purchases altogether. Government would keep score of every financial transaction you made.

    "In a world of Biden Bucks, the government will even know your physical whereabouts at the point of purchase. It’s a short step from putting you under FBI investigation if you vote for the wrong candidate, buy the “wrong” reading material or give donations to the wrong political party.

    "They may deny that this is part of some grand plan to control the population, that it’s just a way to make the financial system more efficient. The rest of it is just a conspiracy theory that only kooks believe. And they may mean it. They may not have bad intentions.

    "But history clearly shows that once the government acquires a specific power, it will eventually use it to the fullest extent it can. And when corrupt people are running the government, they’ll use that power for political purposes, even if they might not set out to originally. The temptation is just too strong.

    China is already using its CBDC to deny travel, employment and educational opportunities to political dissidents. Canada seized the bank accounts and crypto accounts of nonviolent trucker protesters last year. Nigeria put a cap on ATM cash withdrawals at $45 to promote digital payments.

    "Don’t think that other governments, including the U.S. government, haven’t noticed. They have.

    "The simple fact is 'social credit scores' and political suppression will be even easier to conduct when Biden Bucks are completely rolled out in the U.S. With Biden Bucks, the government will be able to force you to comply with its agenda, like with the climate change example I mentioned above."
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