The Current Coronavirus Outbreak/flareup

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    Good evening all,

    Per ...

    Are there other purposes of the COVID-19 testing ?

    If an asymptomatic millennial tests positive, then what ? He, she, it, other has 7 room mates are they are all healthy creatures.

    Where does the virus-positive millennial go to for quarantine and recovery ? Who pays for this arrangement ? If complications arrive, the millennial, with no health insurance nor Medicaid, should:

    A. ?
    B. ?
    C. ?

    What's really going on ?
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    One wonders whether the West has a viral pandemic or a pandemic of hysteria. Caution and taking all preventative measures is one thing, but rationality must rule. I'm an old man with some very nasty risk factors when it comes to the possibility of contracting chinacovidthingy. I have concern, take precautions, but I am just not panicking here. Others with few if any risk factors are losing sphincter-control. People, we have shut down economies with our reactions to this virus. I'm having trouble making a silly doctor's appointment -- what about those who MUST be seen by a doctor on a regular basis! They are at more risk from isolation than from the virus.

    Read this woman's story and ask yourself, "Just how rational is this woman?"
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  3. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Old Geezer,

    My belief is that it's both: a pandemic coupled to aspects of hysteria induced by certain elements of Eastern Establishment society for national salvation.

    My view is that the US economy was not shut down; only those aspects that infect the nation: public schools and universities with their bloated payrolls, maintenance costs, funded off of residential (mostly) real estate taxes, airlines with overcapacity, hotels with overcapacity, restaurants with their health care requirements transferred to the public sector,... Think of Larry Silverstein and his loss of his WTC in 2001. He did get reimbursed (indirectly). In 2001 Manhattan had excess office capacity.

    The national economy's biggest item is health care delivery (although, depending on how measured, debt service is larger). This pandemic with the hysteria forces the issue and am sure there's an accordion file folder in someones desk ready to get activated after the election. Unfortunately, the CEO of New York Presbyterian Hospital will stop earning $8M per year.

    Overall, less the blood-letting, the US economy is healthy.

    I'm a COVID victim and am a senior citizen with pre-existing conditions and a bad attitude. If someone like me needs to get a doctor's appointment, they are available if this someone pays for the treatment to include reading Southern Living Magazine waiting to be called. If USG-funded payments: have much green leafy vegetables, good breads, good, grains, keep hydrated, an occasional chocolate pig-out session won't hurt (I hope).

    The statues are a diversion. So is the CHOP suey enclave. Only a few accept small police forces. The Reichtag fire worked.

    Equilibrium soon to arrive. I won't wear spats to the Second Inaugural; just a sports coat and black jeans.
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