Surviving A Nuclear Bomb Attack

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Article's author presents material we've never considered.

    Many of the 1945 atomic attacks on Japan lived but with complications. Article does not mention if Medicare covers atomic complications. Am sure glad my first aid kit has a fresh supply of Merthiolate and Mercurochrome.

    Moderate damage zone won't have damaged sewers ? Won't rats, vermin and the swamp creatures relocate to that large secure building ?

    Monsieurs Wellerstein of SIT, Buddemeier of LLL and Calhoun of NYC EM really are products of America's sheltered suburbs.

    Remember, the best large standing building have showers. Bring flip flops. Don't wash hair with conditioner !


    Some of us older Forum Members went through the Civil Defense era. With a 12 minute warning, this article did not mention to prepare for blast by sitting down in a chair, loosen tie and ...
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    Military bases/ICBM silos/highest priority/ must-hit nuclear targets per country



    Where China can hit America most readily:


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