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    There are events happening in Western nations that reek of the rise of NAZI-ism. Why is it so easy for those indoctrinated by universities to slip into something so slimy as Hitler's National Socialism / antisemitism / oppressing people of Faith?!

    We should not in this day and age revisit 1938 Germany. This is deeply sick stuff here!



    "From November 9 to 10, 1938, in an incident known as “Kristallnacht”, Nazis in Germany torched synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes, schools and businesses, and murdered close to 100 Jews. In the aftermath of Kristallnacht (“Crystal Night” or the “Night of Broken Glass”), some 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to Nazi concentration camps. German Jews had been subjected to repressive policies since 1933, when Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. However, prior to Kristallnacht, these Nazi policies had been primarily nonviolent. After Kristallnacht, conditions for German Jews grew increasingly worse."
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  2. Old Geezer

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    "Palestine Protesters Disrupt Memorial Ceremony at Auschwitz"

    "An annual remembrance of the Holocaust at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps was protested on Monday by Palestine flag-flying activists, who confronted and shouted at attendees.

    "Thousands of people attended the 36th ‘March of the Living’ event on Monday, a normally silent march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the German death camps built in occupied Poland during the Second World War, key sites of the Holocaust. Among those at Auschwitz yesterday, Germany’s Die Welt broadsheet newspaper reports, were 55 survivors of the Holocaust, survivors of the October 7th Israel massacre, and relatives of those taken hostage by Hamas.

    "The march was protested by Palestine activists, with slogans shouted and some marchers confronted. Organisers of the march say the counter protesters saw the event as a ‘perverse’ opportunity to 'express their hatred against Israel and the Jewish people'. This serves as a 'timely reminder of the importance of Holocaust eduction and remembrance', they said."


    "Trash dumped at Holocaust monument in Center City days after being vandalized with swastika"

    "PHILADELPHIA - One of Philadelphia's Holocaust memorials is at the center of a hateful vandalism investigation.

    "The base of a monument at the Horowtiz-Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza was littered with piles of trash Tuesday afternoon.

    "This comes just days after police say a swastika was spray-painted on a wall of the Arch Street memorial."

    "Failing to Reprimand Antisemitic Students who Assaulted Jewish Student"

    "Washington, D.C. - Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik sent a letter to Harvard University Interim President Dr. Alan Garber and Harvard Corporation Senior Fellow Penny Pritzker demanding Harvard hold perpetrators of antisemitism accountable after obtaining a document from a law firm representing the victim of verbal harassment and physical assault at the university."


    " ‘I have become traumatized.’ Jewish students describe campus antisemitism "

    Begin quote

    New York CNN — Jewish students at major universities told lawmakers on Thursday they feel unsafe on campus amid a surge in antisemitism.

    At a roundtable hosted by the House Education and Workforce Committee, students from Columbia University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other schools described hearing violent chants on campus and complained administrators are not doing enough to fight antisemitism.

    Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel and the subsequent outbreak of conflict in Israel and Gaza has stoked tension on college campuses across the nation. Both Jewish and Muslim students have said they’ve experienced an uptick in hate speech and harassment on campus.

    Khan, graduate student president and co-founder of the MIT Israel Alliance, said MIT has become “overrun with toxic antisemitism” and by “terrorist supporters that directly threaten the lives of Jews on our campus.”

    “It is not overly dramatic to ask that something be done when our very existence is under threat,” Khan said.

    End quote


    "Israel Gaza: Hamas raped and mutilated women on 7 October, BBC hears"

    Begin quote

    The BBC has seen and heard evidence of rape, sexual violence and mutilation of women during the 7 October Hamas attacks.

    Several people involved in collecting and identifying the bodies of those killed in the attack told us they had seen multiple signs of sexual assault, including broken pelvises, bruises, cuts and tears, and that the victims ranged from children and teenagers to pensioners.

    Video testimony of an eyewitness at the Nova music festival, shown to journalists by Israeli police, detailed the gang rape, mutilation and execution of one victim.

    Videos of naked and bloodied women filmed by Hamas on the day of the attack, and photographs of bodies taken at the sites afterwards, suggest that women were sexually targeted by their attackers.

    Few victims are thought to have survived to tell their own stories.

    Their last moments are being pieced together from survivors, body-collectors, morgue staff and footage from the attack sites.

    Israel's government points to documents it says were found on Hamas fighters that appear to support the idea that sexual violence was planned. It's released clips of interrogations with some captured fighters in which they appear to say that women were targeted for this purpose.

    Last week, UN Women put out a statement saying it "unequivocally condemn[ed] the brutal attacks by Hamas" and was "alarmed by the numerous accounts of gender-based atrocities and sexual violence during those attacks".

    Dr Elkayam-Levy said before the statement that international women's rights organisations had taken far too long to respond to her call for support.

    "This is the most documented atrocity humanity has known," she told me.

    "Israel on 7 October is not the same country that woke up the following morning," said police chief Yaacov Shabtai.

    End quote
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    1. Old Geezer
      Old Geezer, May 7, 2024
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    the far left have not learned from history and will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.
    Jeremy Corbyn (ex UK Labour leader) called Hamas his "friends" and even invited a couple of them to Parliament.
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  4. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    "... called Hamas his 'friends ...' "

    Wow, how special.

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