Paroled Terrorist In Shelter

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    re: Recent bombing that happened in Nashville.

    The nutcase's girlfriend had a year back notified the police that he was building bombs and nobody properly followed-up on her warnings.

    "Police visited the home of Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner in 2019 after his girlfriend told authorities he was making bombs inside his recreational vehicle, according to a report."

    "After visiting the girlfriend on that day in 2019, officers went to Warner’s home and knocked on the door but he didn’t appear to be at home. They also noticed that the RV parked outside had "several security cameras and wires attached" and appeared to have an alarm set up at the front door."

    "The Metro Nashville Police Department documents also indicate that both local and federal authorities knew in August 2019 about alleged threats Warner had made, The Tennessean reported."

    "Nashville police saw 'no evidence of a crime' at the time and had no authority to enter the property, so they left and sent a report to their department’s hazardous devices unit and to the FBI, The Tennessean reported.

    "Later that day, the FBI responded that it had no records of any suspicious activity regarding Warner.

    "The FBI confirmed that account in a statement Tuesday."

    Isn't it funny that the Feds won't follow-up on a real bomber, but will invade your home if some neighbor makes up a story about you having an illegal firearm! Political priorities, it would seem.

    Guy's name was Anthony Quinn Warner. Did the actor, Anthony Quinn ever work for Warner Brothers studios?

    This Anthony Quinn sure looks a lot like Johnny Cash!

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