Oklahoma Da Charges Terrorists With Terrorism

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Jun 29, 2020.

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    SIASD OR old movie :Hang em High" works for me.
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    Good for him. Prosecute them and punish them to the full extent of the law. I wish there were more like him. How we ended up with all of these gutless weasels in office is beyond me.
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    The FBI has just warned a national meeting of American sheriffs that we in the US are going to be hit with terrorist attacks.

    I know that terrorists will likely hit the cities if they want mass-casualties. What we all must remember is that military bases -- wherever they exist -- are also prime targets. Me, I think that they may go after Air Force bases due to our bombing raids in the Middle East. Our B2 stealth bombers fly out of bases in the center of America, get refueled over the Atlantic, hit terrorist assets in the Middle East, and fly back home. The only time they slow down is when they take on fuel.

    One insider I spoke with told me that one of these pilots (no names nor dates nor anything else) told him how strange/bizarre it was to come home from a mission, then go watch one of his kids' baseball games. Think about that psychological reset! Think about having that on your chest! "Hey Dad, what did you do at work today?!"

    When thinking about our service men and women, keep in mind the horrible stress and overt danger they perpetually face. Now they face a much higher probability of terrorist attacks due to this White House regime not allowing our borders to be defended.

    Terrorists could use biological agents to wipe-out the communities surrounding air bases to kill those who support the base and the airmen who live in the local community. Military personnel must now fear their families being killed here stateside.

    Biological agents do NOT just stay in the targeted region. Plagues spread. ... Duh!

    And if one power grid gets shut down, know that this event can pull-down grids adjacent, even regional grids. What with all of the terrorists that have crossed our southern border (mixed in with regular refugees), these attackers could spread out, then hit multiple power grids in a synchronized attack.

    So far, most terrorist attacks have been bombings in urban areas. Don't think for a minute that matters are going to be limited to that modus operandi. Due to our open borders north and south, the attacks aren't limited to a lone bomber or a small team of terrorists. Hundreds of terrorists could be planning a coordinated, widespread attack.

    Hey kids, our nation has been invaded!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Here is the video of a sheriffs spokesperson, Richard Jones of Butler County Ohio, briefing all who will listen about the high likelihood of a terrorist attack. Jones and many other sheriffs have recently been briefed by the FBI that terrorists attacks are coming, NOT might come, they will come. Thus, Sheriff Jones is passing-on the information. Obviously, he can't give complete details. (Me, I never want to know too much -- it makes you a target. Back in the day, my coworkers and I were told too much, but we had to know and I sure haven't said sh## about it ever, even though that intel is massively out of date; you just keep your freaking mouth shut, just like this sheriff).

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    USA had had plenty of terrorist attacks already, 9/11 was a terrorist attack and there have been others, so its not a case of them coming they have happened already.
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