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    I'm gonna drop some vids here concerning home defense. Among them will include home-clearing, i.e. getting the bad guys out'a your house or neutralizing them as threats.

    The last video I include in this post is the video which you should actually watch first. It's title is "Why room clearing is a bad idea."

    Don't. Don't do room clearing. Most all folk should leave room-clearing to professionals.

    Below, I will repeat the above.

    I want to say prior to presenting these videos that one's first action should be to gather family to a designated safe room. Practice this procedure with entire family drills. Don't risk you life over a dog. Let the dog go bite the intruder(s), poop the floor, whatever. It's a dog.

    When inside the safe room, "hit the deck." Everyone should be on the floor. A chest-of-drawers / dresser full of clothing might provide cover, but don't count on it. Tipping over furniture may help, yet hey, "Hit the deck," after locking the door. A designated adult, or both husband and wife, should grab the weapon(s), and stay low while calling the police. Always notify the police that your home has been invaded by an unknown person or persons. Say on the telephone with authorities that you are in fear of your life and the lives of your family. First, that's a true statement. Second, you have an official recording of the danger in which you find yourself currently. The latter statement is important should you find yourself in court. Leave your phone on; the emergency services recording will gather evidence. Watch what you now say -- you're being recorded.

    Also, tell the emergency services that you are armed. Tell them what you are wearing and what you look like, "I'm the old bald-headed guy in my pajamas." Tell them your location in/on the property.

    Think about this: When the police arrive, they don't know who you are.

    For all they know, you are the perpetrator. They're not psychic nor have any sort of ESP. Due to a potential armed conflict, the adrenaline levels of these police officers are mighty elevated. They are only humans. They only have what training their department could afford. In sum, don't give the cops any reason to shoot you. Don't be armed when they arrive. Drop your weapon. Get on the ground and show them your empty hands.

    If your safe room is on the second story or above, then have a rope ladder should you be forced to escape. Example, the attackers may set your house on fire to destroy any evidence. They couldn't care less if your wife and children burn to death. Your family could have witnessed the invaders -- witnesses who need to be silenced ... permanently. Most invaders will wear masks. The videos of home invasions that I've watched show the invaders wearing masks.

    If the intruders attempt to kick the door of, gain access to, your safe room, shoot through the door to end that aggression. Know that room walls provide no barrier to handgun nor rifle fire -- even a shotgun firing only birdshot will blow a hole right through an interior wall. Shoot through the walls to neutralize the enemy only if you have to. Note: THEY CAN DO THE SAME TO YOU!!!!!! Thus, the mandate to stay as low as you can and if possible, place robust furniture or heavy/thick objects between you and any lines of gunfire. Just count on the intruders shooting through the walls of your "safe room" to neutralize you. Likely, they will not ... likely ... don't gamble.

    Under what circumstances should you leave your safe room and clear your home (or place of business) of intruders? That is YOUR call. I will not even begin to address that issue. I am one human. That's it. Such circumstances can happen, I'm sure. Know that such behavior is a LAST RESORT.

    As of this time of posting, we are not in a SHTF world. When that time comes, then one's behavior-set will get turned upside down. Trustworthy people will go untrustworthy, even nuts. Mean people when in a world of their being no police will go full animal-behavior-central -- think wolf-packs.

    Dealing with hostage situations I know nothing about. That's not covered in that which I'm posting right now.

    Here's some videos concerning the clearing of a house. Not my expertise at all. I simply found these to be interesting videos -- that's it. See if there's any info in these that may be of use to you. It's your call.

    There is very foul language (F-bombs galore) in these vids. Military guys are making the videos, so go figure. Should some evil people attack you, you will surprise yourself with what you say.

    At the beginning of the next video below, the room clearer swaps his weapon between right and left handed holds. He does so to better cover differing angles. You have to understand this and practice with your "weak" hand/side. If you don't swap hands, oftentimes you will present your entire body so as to be able to use your strong-hand weapon hold. Guess what, that will get you shot. Swap the weapon to your "weak" hand!!! Only present as LITTLE of your body as is absolutely necessary. When watching action movies or especially TV series, I'm perpetually yelling at the idiot actor, "Great buddy, always lead with your face!" Use only one eye or use a small mirror to see around corners. What you see in the movies will get you killed. If you simply fire around corners without looking as terrorists are want to do, you can kill innocents. Terrorists don't care. I think you should -- especially considering that they could be your family members.

    I'm NOT recommending the following, but you can throw flashlights (British "torch") into rooms or down hallways. In this category, small is good along with a non-directional beam. This is only doable if the enemy already knows where you are located. Backlight the enemy. Never give away your position. If you are backlit, then you stand to get shot.

    Looking around corners & speaking of small mirrors: I right now have a 2.25 inch by 3 inch mirror in my top left hand desk drawer as I write this (instantly accessible). Prison inmates get really good with these small mirrors, because that's how they view each other and guards (the "bulls") from their cells looking down prison corridors. Learn from the enemy.

    The following site has a bunch of links:

    Why room-clearing is bad idea:

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    Thanks for the info OG.

    I plan to adopt the "NO ROOM Clearing" plan. From my safe room, they will be exposed to my defenses and their egress path will be very limited. Outside the safe room, then I become exposed to their numbers and weapons. Between the local police and my armed neighbors, anybody breaking into my place has a very limited amount of time, to either attack or retreat. Neither the local police or my neighbors belong to the WOKE crowd and will make very short work of any invaders, that I have not already handled.
    1. Old Geezer
      Me 2.

      My neighbors here are sh##. In my home state, maybe I would find a cohort. Post SHTF, I will change. Knowing myself, I fear what it is that I might become. There are certain absences inside of me. Frightening.

      I have witnessed me. May my Creator recall me should I become too repugnant, too dangerous, too potentially damned. I know not why He took my daughter. I all-too-well am aware of why He would take me. Mirrors are too truthful. My days are numbered. Good.
      Old Geezer, Aug 4, 2023
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    the idea is to stop them before they get into the house.
    I have seen reports of homeowners in the US shooting a potential burglar through the front door.
    a lady here shot an intruder in the guts with a crossbow, he was never heard of again.
    Tony Martin (Norfolk UK) had the right idea, shoot them dead then they cant ever invade your home again, they chose that way of life let them suffer the consequences.
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    LoneWolf: "... the idea is to stop them before they get into the house. ..."

    Yes. In a post SHTF era, don't let them break in! Sure will be my policy -- got zero choice in the matter. I'm old. I can't fight youthful strong people any more. "Shoot first and ask questions later." I am however not about: "Kill'em all and let God sort them out." That's just not me ... but if I see trouble coming, I'm not gonna wait to get shot-at first.

    Pre-SHTF, even in America, if you shoot a precious felon outside of your home, then you are in deep, deep sh##. In liberal urban areas such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the laws are strict for honest citizens -- to include gun laws. Some cities ban handguns and VERY rarely issue carry permits (say you are a security guard for an armored-care company). Assault rifles are banned, for sure. However, the police are afraid to have programs of gang disarmament. The police avoid going into gang-infested neighborhoods in the first place. When warrants must be issued, then multiple patrol cars are required.

    Yet another reason to TOTALLY avoid living in urban areas. When will the poop hit the fan? Who knows???!!!! A year from now? Next Monday? Just get out of there NOW. Actually the suburbs surrounding dangerous areas are getting to be dangerous. Gangs are fanning out. Theft in the suburbs is more lucrative / easy to fence / more high-dollar items such as stereos and large screen TVs.

    Used to, when stop-and-frisk procedures were allowed, tens of thousands of firearms were taken out of the hands of felons. That is now banned -- to do so is "racist".

    In the article below, note that up North, the liberals blame the South for not banning firearms. The Leftist dogma goes like this: Ban or severely restrict honest citizens' Constitutional right to own firearms. If handguns and assault rifles are banned -- as a starting point (the Left wants all firearms banned) -- then it will be more difficult for the out-of-control felons to steal these guns and do harm with them. Me, I have gun safes and encourage others to buy them. Safe sales are good. The annual sales have now reached 800 million dollars per year ($800,000,000).

    Here's an article from a decade ago, 2013.

    New York
    "NYPD announces 250 illegal firearms seized, 19 arrested in gun ring that stretched into South"
    By Barry Paddock
    Last Updated: Aug 20, 2013 at 5:14 am

    "NYPD announces 250 illegal firearms seized, 19 arrested in gun ring that stretched into South"


    " 'Thank God these guns are off the streets,' Mayor Bloomberg said at Police Headquarters, surrounded by law enforcement officials and standing before two tables filled with dozens of firearms, including military-grade automatic weapons.

    " 'There is no doubt that the seizure of these guns has saved lives.'

    " 'More than 200 guns is an astonishing number to recover by one undercover,' Kelly said.

    "Both Bloomberg and Kelly seized upon a comment from suspect Earl Campbell of Rock Hill, S.C., who was caught on wiretap saying he didn't want to bring guns to Brooklyn for fear they would be discovered if he were stopped and frisked."

    Old Gzr: In the above gun-running sting operation, firearms WERE being moved out of the Southern United States (not internationally; the international smuggling is usually out of Central America). In this operation, two smugglers were apprehended. Me, I totally support shutting-down gun-runners. Who doesn't?! Drug runners and gun runners get people killed. These two gun-runners knew perfectly well who was buying them -- NY drug gangs. If only gang-bangers got killed, it wouldn't matter; however, many innocents end up in Emergency Wards ... even graveyards.


    Recently, the police have begun stopping more potential felons to get guns off the street. In so doing, they have invoked the wrath of the Left. The ACLU sure is going after cops for fighting crime. Fighting crime is racist according to the Left. I wish the Left would send their psychologists out into the ghettos and chat with the gangs, "Tell me about your feelings."

    We would see how many got out of there alive! :p

    "NYPD Tactics Raise Concern of Return to ‘Stop and Frisk’ "


    "New York City police officers made more than 673,000 traffic stops last year, the majority involving Black and Latino motorists. Only 2% of those stops led to arrests, raising the specter of the stop-and-frisk tactics that were ruled unconstitutional a decade ago, civil liberties advocates say."

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    Blog Posts:
    "Armed robber shot at Cass County business"


    "A man allegedly attempting an armed robbery of a store clerk in Cass County last week was shot by a customer inside the business.

    "McMichael said authorities arrived to find a man who had been shot several times and another man holding him at gunpoint. Authorities learned the man who had been shot had moments earlier attempted to rob the store clerk.

    "A woman in the suspect vehicle was charged with possession of methamphetamine and was also wanted on a warrant, investigators said."


    "Murder charge dropped for Milton man accused of killing home invader"


    "A Milton man who was charged with second-degree murder for killing an armed home invader had a murder charge dropped on Monday.

    "According to Global News, the Crown withdrew the charge, citing that there was no reasonable prospect of a conviction against the defendant, Ali Mian.

    "Mian was charged with murder earlier this year after several armed intruders allegedly entered his home around 5 a.m. on Feb. 19. Halton Regional Police believe the intruder’s intent was to commit robbery.

    “ 'I thank the crown for using their reasonable discretion and agreeing to withdraw the charges today,” said Mian’s lawyer Jag Virk. 'My client is very happy and thankful.'

    “ 'He’s been under tremendous stress since being charged knowing that if he was found guilty he’d been spending considerable time in jail and he was only trying to protect himself and his mother.'

    "Virk argued that Mian used his gun legally against Amoroso-Leacock as he was armed and posing a threat to him and his mother. Virk claimed that Mian should never have had the charge laid against him in the first place, as this was a case of self-defense.

    "Released on $130,000 bail, Mian was given a number of conditions such as surrendering his passport and firearm license. He was also to live with his grandmother and not possess any weapons."

    "Would Be Robber Shot Dead in Corinth"


    "Royal St. Lucia Police Force – On Thursday August 3, 2023 about 6:20 p.m. Officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station received a report of a robbery at Corinth, Gros Islet.

    "Ted Smith was reportedly committing an armed robbery and in the process was fatally shot by a licenced firearm holder."


    Trinidad and Tobago


    by: Ralph Maraj
    5th, August, 2023


    "In Trinidad and Tobago today, anyone can be murdered anywhere, anytime. Over 4,000 citizens have been slaughtered in eight years. Murderous home invasions have escalated. For example, in 2018, the throats of a husband and wife were slit in their home; and after a horrendous experience with intruders last year, Simone de la Bastide, wife of the former chief justice, said, 'Everyone is now a target.'

    "This is our condition, folks, after almost $60 billion has been spent on national security in eight blood-soaked years, leaving everybody insecure. The Government has done virtually nothing! 'The country is begging for leadership on crime,' said an Express editorial earlier this year.

    "A prime minister abdicating. That very year, he pointed fingers at the Police Service for the horrifying murder rate, saying it is their responsibility, implying his Government has little to do with it. Today, seven years later, Gary Griffith, leading his party in the local government election, is moved to stop by the Moka golf course and tell Rowley he is a 'failure', golfing four times a week when the country is in distress.

    "Griffith told the Express 'the country is virtually lawless, people are being killed three and four a day, we are at the threshold of anarchy where people feel the criminals have taken over' and instead of the Prime Minister 'putting in all his time and effort, you on a golf course four times a week. It shows he does not care'.

    "In December that year, headlines screamed “RAMPAGE, 16 people killed in 96 hours, 25 double murders”, one thousand and fifty-one persons murdered in two years under this administration!

    "Unrelenting siege! And still nothing done."

    The following incident deserves a full read, not just what I've quoted. Prior to the home invasion, the suspects had been reported by neighbors. Of course, the police can't get there on time. This occurred in Chattanooga where nighttime crime is perpetual. Another take-away from this story is that the invaders yelled-out that they were the police. Invaders OFTEN pretend to be police officers or security. Some robbers even wear clothing similar to officers, have fake badges, ...

    "Local Man Arrested In Home Invasion In Which He Was Shot"


    "A Chattanooga teen is facing charges in a home invasion in which he was shot.

    "Devichec Dequan Smith, 19, of 234 Tunnel Blvd., was charged with especially aggravated robbery and especially aggravated burglary.

    "In the incident last Saturday, police investigated the incident on Cherryton Dr. A couple said they were asleep in bed when they heard a loud banging on the front door and people shouting, 'Chattanooga Police'.

    "The couple said three intruders got in by breaking out a window and held guns on them as they went up the stairs toward the second floor. The male resident began struggling with one of the intruders and the male resident was shot in the groin.

    "The female resident got her gun and began firing, apparently hitting the intruder who had shot the male resident in the groin. The three men, who were wearing hoodies and ski masks, then fled.

    "The male resident was transported to Erlanger Hospital, and about the same time a gold/tan minivan dropped off Devichec Smith at Parkridge Hospital. Smith, who was shot in the chest, was later transported to Erlanger."


    Police badges are for sale in the web.



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    Blog Posts:
    "Police in Democrat-Run Oakland Urge Residents to Use Airhorns if Targeted by Criminals"


    "Crime has risen to a point where police are not only advising the purchase of airhorns but also the placement of 'security bars to…doors and windows,' CNN noted.

    "Burglaries in the city are up 41 percent 'and robberies by more than 20 percent.'

    "On Sunday, July 30, 2023, a 75-year-old Oakland woman was home alone and armed with more than an airhorn when two alleged armed intruders entered her home.

    "The woman had a .357 Magnum revolver, which she used to fire one shot at the alleged intruders, KTVU reported. The alleged intruders fired multiple shots then fled the scene.

    "The woman was not injured and her daughter described her as 'Superwoman.' ”


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    Blog Posts:
    there are ways of securing one's home even in the good times, good strong locks, never leaving a door unlocked, dont leave windows open when you go out, nice crunchy stone chippings on paths so you can hear people approaching, some use thorny bushes to force people onto certain paths , rose bushes have some wicked thorns on them, most window glass is now double if not triple glazed so smashing them isnt so easy as it once was. they cant burgle you if they cant get in! burglary is opportunist -so dont give them the opportunity!
    making it hard for any criminal will make them find an easier target.
    having said that home invasion and burglary is mostly a city crime over here, criminals are not going to travel far to commit this sort of crime .
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    Blog Posts:
    "Arizona woman shoots, kills registered sex offender attempting to break into her home"

    "Police say the woman fired off a warning shot before shooting the suspect."


    "A Tucson, Arizona, woman took matters into her own hands by shooting and killing a registered sex offender who attempted to break into her home, according to reports.

    "The Pima County Sheriff’s Department said a 54-year-old woman was home alone, when 42-year-old Jayson Magrum allegedly tried to break into her home.

    "The woman saw what was happening and started yelling for Magrum to leave, but he reportedly continued to gain access to the home.

    " 'The female armed herself with a handgun and fired a shot out of a window to attempt to scare the male away,' investigators said.

    "Magrum then allegedly reached into the home and toward the woman to take the gun away, the station reported. She then opened fire on Magrum, ultimately striking him.

    "The sheriff’s office said he then moved toward the driveway, where he collapsed and died.

    "The woman was not hurt during the altercation.

    "According to the sheriff’s department’s website, Magrum is a registered sex offender in Utah.

    "The department has not arrested anyone in the shooting, though the investigation is ongoing."



    OK, so I guess there is some circumstance wherein a warning shot is warranted. I told a drunk puke trying to get into my home one night what the consequences of his action would be and he decided to leave (I had a pump w/6 loads of buckshot waiting for him).

    Most times, warning shots are dangerous for you. Note that warning shots in the above instance gave the felon time to reach in through a window and try to nab the lady's firearm. Had she not nailed him, he would have succeeded.

    The above puke isn't gonna be raping anyone else. Just a passing observation.

    "75-year-old woman shoots at home intruders in Oakland"


    "OAKLAND, Calif. - A 75-year-old woman opened fire on two intruders who broke into her Oakland home and came under fire herself, authorities said.

    "The home invasion robbery happened around 2 a.m. on July 26 at a residence near the Oakland Zoo in the hills on Ettrick Street in the Chabot Park neighborhood, according to the Oakland Police Department.

    "Fearing for her safety, the 75-year-old woman pulled out her .357 Magnum and fired one round toward the suspects, police said. The suspects returned fire at the woman and fled the scene.

    "Fortunately, the woman was not injured during the shooting, and there were no reports of physical injuries, according to the police"

    Old Gzr: This woman needed a scatter-gun, i.e. shotgun, not a stupid .357 handgun. I'm good with a .357 handgun, but then I'm used to the recoil -- hundreds upon hundreds of rounds fired through the revolvers I've owned.

    Hearing the intrusion, she should have retreated to her safe room shut/locked the door and brought a shotgun to bear. If the invaders had begun kicking her door, then she should have blown a big hole through it ... at groin level (femoral arteries and veins = bleeding like a stuck hog, fire-hose bleeding, screaming/disabled with pain). In the safe room, she could have gotten behind furniture to soak any rounds coming from intruders. Never go out to shoot invaders = could get YOU shot! Seek safe room with heavy furniture behind which you can achieve some cover & call cops. This is also your best shooting position. Exposing your body to gunfire is, by definition, dangerous beyond measure! Lone heroes get body bags.


    Some shotgun basics:

    In the video below we have a comparison between a smooth-bore shotgun barrel vs. a rifled shotgun barrel (rifled barrels are for firing sabot-type rifle slugs; i.e. NOT shot, buckshot nor birdshot). If you need a VERY wide doughnut-shaped (toroid) pattern, then fire buckshot out of a rifled shotgun barrel at very close distance. Birdshot out of a rifled barrel is utterly useless for home defense ... period, end of discussion. It's pretty much useless for hunting, also.

    Shotguns must be aimed! Everything in movies and TV is pure B.S.. I've fired a lot of buckshot loads for patterning at various distances = these videos are very accurate in their content.


    The next video is basic basics. This is beginner-level information concerning shotguns. The video is mainly about buckshot usage for deer hunting. Info in this does provide home defense information in that you can see buck-shot pattern sizes fired at different ranges.


    Note: The fellow in the last video, Paul Harrell, has been diagnosed with a terribly bad form of cancer (don't ask; he doesn't want personal stuff published, OK). Don't send any messages his way -- he doesn't want to hear it / read it. Don't comment on his web page anything concerning his health. He REALLY doesn't want that!!! What we can send his way are prayers. Paul is one of the genuine good guys. I pray that he be cured and if not, his departure from this life into the next life be very merciful, very smooth. Again, Paul is good guy. He's done his best to help a lot of people.
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    Blog Posts:
    "Texas man fires at suspects posing as maintenance workers through front door"


    "A man has been arrested in connection with the attempted break-in into a Dallas apartment unit where a man inside shot at two suspects through his front door, police said.

    "Ethan Rodriguez was in his apartment unit bathroom around 6 p.m. Saturday, when someone he didn't recognize knocked on his door claiming to be a maintenance worker.

    "Rodriguez, who answered his digital doorbell and home security camera on his phone, said the suspect, identified as Aaron Contreras, 30, claimed to be a maintenance worker who was there to check the filter to the air conditioner, an affidavit obtained by FOX Dallas states.

    "Rodriguez is heard on the video telling Contreras he wasn't home. Contreras, who was armed with a handgun, came back a few minutes later with a masked man, police said. Video footage taken from the doorbell camera shows both men taking turns trying to kick in the door.

    "At some point, Rodriguez grabbed his handgun and fired several shots through his front door. Contreras fired two rounds in response and fled with the other suspect.

    "Dallas police officers responded to the scene and found 13 bullet casings — 13 bullet holes exiting the front door and two more entering through the door."



    I guess most home invaders imagine that their victims are weaklings. What they should think about is how many million Americans have zero qualms about taking "human" life when that life is acting like an animal. Millions of Americans, myself included, have killed stacks of animals. Human or non-human, something attacking me will result in an instantaneous hard-wired program in my brain to shoot to kill. I'll evaluate the situation later. Family first. Bad guys lives are meaningless. Surgeons and Oncologists kill cancers by any means necessary. This is a lesson for us all.

    The following is only a side note -- some info about medical treatments in the U.S. . Only if people are interested in such is why I put this in. I'm a big fan of highly-trained paraprofessionals (Masters Degree usually required, but not always).

    Danger! The following could be massively boring!

    I've now had 4 skin cancers cut out. This is due to me working outside, enjoying hunting and hiking. Too much sun ... we all know what happens. I go get lesions cut-out & biopsied. My last biopsy -- hole in skin still healing -- was NOT a cancer (yet). Hurrah!:)! There will be more cutting and burning.

    Here in the states, if you have a suspicious lesion of any sort external internal (found by visual exam, CAT scan or PET scan), you are immediately scheduled for surgery. I went to dermatologist's physician assistant and he just cut this out and froze another lesion -- Doctors have nurse practitioners and physician assistants perform routine procedures. Routine medical procedures are are, let me think, routine. In med schools coupled with nursing and phys. assistant programs, everyone is trained side by side. Me, I am SUPER biased in favor of nurse practitioners and phys assistants, being from a rural area, we need them! Here, paramedics who usually work via ambulances and helos, are also hired by hospital emergency wards -- why not! Advanced procedures are taught to student physicians and residents. We also have certified midwives. You can't make sick people wait! Certainly can't make a pregnant lady whose water has broken wait.

    Not getting sick folk immediate attention is very close to committing murder. Life is sacred.

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    Blog Posts:
    Not only have most people not worked with severely ill mental patients, they've never seen mentally ill people fully deranged and going violent. Many psychotic people appear normal most of the time -- especially when their taking of prescription medications are monitored.

    I don't mean the following to be in any way insulting, but most folk haven't a clue about how dangerous some people suffering from psychoses can become. I'm glad that most folk, especially children, haven't had to see this.

    But this stuff happens. Sometimes these people go violent.

    Such individuals require permanent hospitalization. Me, I've worked with those who suffer from psychosis in medical settings. Really not a place to work for the squeamish.

    When these individuals go into a violent mania, they can't be brought down by only one or two people. My maternal grandfather worked a psych ward for decades. He shared several stories. He'd speak of some patients requiring five or six strong men to get them on the floor or onto a bed where they could be put into restraints. They will break their bones in a fight and go on as if nothing had happened. Pain means nothing to them when in these states.

    Police know that they will take several handgun rounds and keep on attacking. It is unbelievable, but unfortunately very true. Keep this in mind when preparing to purchase and potentially have to use a firearm. I know at least one case where a felon took two loads of buckshot to the torso and a handgun round to the pelvis and then ran past the police to try to get away. Another buckshot load finally brought him down. Still, he could speak. Died on the way to the hospital. These situations can be beyond what one sees in horror movies.

    When watching a movie, you don't smell what is occurring. In the real world there's the smell of saliva, the incredible stench of body odor, blood, and feces. It really cuts into your brain.

    "Sheriff: Armed homeowner shoots, kills burglar during attempted break in"


    Begin quote

    ASCENSION PARISH, La. (WAFB/Gray News) – A homeowner in Louisiana shot and killed a man who was trying to break in, officials said.

    Deputies responded to an attempted home break-in around 6 a.m. and found 20-year-old Kameron Serigny dead at the scene.

    The homeowner told deputies he fired several shots at Serigny, who was trying to break in.

    Investigators said the suspect first tried to break into a car in the driveway, setting off the car alarm and alerting the homeowners.

    The home is equipped with several security cameras, which showed the suspect eating grass and beating on his chest, investigators said.

    Video shows the suspect then punching a hole in the glass of the home’s door. Investigators said at that point, the homeowner fired one shot, and the suspect fell to the ground. Serigny then reportedly got up again and punched another hole in the glass.

    The homeowner then shot him again, sending Serigny back to the ground. The suspect then got up and slammed himself into the door, breaking it open, the video shows. At that point, the homeowner fired three to four additional shots, killing Serigny, investigators said.

    Detectives said the home security footage corroborated the homeowner’s statements.

    The homeowner has not been charged, officials said.

    End quote
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    Blog Posts:
    I have a friend who is a paranoid schizophrenic. I believe he has had this condition from an early age as he was in care as a child as his mother could not cope with him, later he moved to my home city and we became friends.
    he still has this condition to this day, he is not violent, never has been even when he mixes illegal drugs with his medication.
    he used to ask me what to do(about some situation or event) I would tell him then he would go and do the opposite, thankfully he is someone else's problem now as he got married.
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    1. Old Geezer
      It's sad beyond all imaginings. Mental diseases cause more suffering than physical diseases. Add to this, the suffering of family and friends. Just terrible, totally terrible. I couldn't work in that world for long stretches. I do not even begin to have the necessary patience -- I just don't.
      Old Geezer, Sep 2, 2023
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    Blog Posts:
    Cleaning up the gene pool

    "AR-15 Used in Oklahoma Home Defense; Same Rifle 4th Circuit Court Says Americans Should Not Have"


    "An Oklahoma man last week defended himself from home invaders with the same type of rifle that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit recently ruled Maryland citizens did not have the right to own.

    "The 23-year-old, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, man was jarred awake by the sound of what turned out to be three masked men breaking through a glass door of the home owned by his father. The man armed himself with an AR-15. He confronted a criminal trio dressed in black, wearing masks and gloves. He fired in self-defense.

    "All three were killed. A knife and brass knuckles were recovered by police. The 21-year-old would-be getaway driver turned herself in. Since a person committing a felony in Oklahoma can be charged with felony murder when a death occurs during that crime, she now faces first-degree murder charges.

    "The incident, as regrettable and unfortunate as it is, shows the wisdom of the 2008 Heller decision in affirming the individual right to keep and bear arms that are in common use. The case provides a real-world counterargument to the faulty logic of the Fourth Circuit’s Kolbe v. Hogan decision."


    During the past 10 years, there's been a growing trend of home invasions being carried-out by teams of 3 to 4 felons. The door is crashed then multiple assailants rush in.




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  13. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    "Four suspects are wanted in Philadelphia after tying up a family inside their home during a terrifying armed robbery caught on video last week, authorities said.

    "The victim, who told police that he runs a business out of his home, was standing outside with an employee just after 10 a.m. on Nov. 6 when four masked suspects jumped out of a black Acura, Philadelphia police said.

    "The four males, described as Hispanic, held the pair at gunpoint and forced them back inside the house in the 6600 block of 7th Street in the city's East Oak Lane neighborhood.

    "Inside the home, police said the suspects tied up and assaulted the family and employee."


    If one lives in or near Philly -- or any other urban cesspit -- then they should have a gun on them even when at home. I've a gun in my pocket as I write this and I live in a very safe area. I'm not anticipating trouble, but one should form habits for when it hits the fan. In urban areas, it already has hit the fan violence-wise. There already are roaming gangs. There have been black and Hispanic gang shootouts on the streets of white neighborhoods in the middle of "squeaky-clean suburbia". Drug turf isn't limited to the inner city. There are shootouts downtown ... anywhere.

    1. Old Geezer
      Old Geezer, Nov 14, 2023
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  14. Blitz

    Blitz Master Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Such a pretty young lady.
    Very sad :(
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  15. lonewolf

    lonewolf Societal Collapse Survivalist. Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    almost all such invasions are in the city, robbers, burglars dont usually stray far from their home turf. I heard of one that got shot by a crossbow bolt, he was never heard of again.
    get out of the city as soon as you can, I got out of the city twice, had to come back the first time to start again, finally got out 25 years ago and never looked back.
    in a small rural place like this strangers stand out a mile .
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  16. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    In the county where we live, post SHTF, the people herein will have to form a deadly perimeter. This will be difficult due to the enormous size of this county -- over 2,500 sq. kilometers. The borders are mountain forests on one side and pasture land on the other sides. Shame that a major interstate cuts through. The military will attempt to keep that open.
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  17. lonewolf

    lonewolf Societal Collapse Survivalist. Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    there is only one road going past our place and that is easily blocked as its quite narrow.
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  18. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Here's some arrogant goober using what is called a "selfie-stick".


    Why am I showing this?

    That selfie stick, or a cheaper one, or one you've made yourself can be used to hold a small mirror.


    When clearing a building or dwelling, you need to look around corners. Using your own eyes/face can get your head blown off. Generally speaking, this isn't a good thing.

    My wife is probably sick of hearing me do this, but when watching a cop show these actors clearing a building will always lead with their face, to which I will say, "Hey buddy, why don't you lead with your face!"

    I watch movies and somebody gets a knock at the door. What do they do. Yep, they look out the door's peephole to see who is there. Rarely do they get killed doing this. In the real world, an invader is watching on the other side of that door and when the peephole goes dark, they shoot through the door. If you wish to use the peephole, first squat low on one side of the door and use something like a broom to cover the peephole. If it is an invader, the broom gets cut in half.

    This is also true of windows. Somebody is at the door, I look out the window ... but not before pushing the curtains back with a long stick or whatever. Right beside me now in my desk's upper left drawer is a little 2" x 3" mirror. Note; a regular cosmetic hand-held mirror is too large. They will instantly be seen by any potential intruder, plus I think they are silly-looking.

    This is also true of outdoors. Concealment is good. Cover (a berm or large diameter tree will stop a bullet) is much better. Presenting your face, we've discussed. Military units have used "bunny ears" for centuries to keep soldiers from getting decapitated by enemy fire ... especially when this comes from sniper fire. Pop up your head -- you get dead.

    Small mirrors can be replaced. Not so much your head.

    Shoot, you can buy a periscope if you want a tiny version of bunny ears. A couple of years ago, I saw some bunny ears in a pawn shop. The guy wanted like $800+ for them. Ouch!


    I'm old. I ramble. Sorry. But hey, here's a darkly amusing story I read a few years back. Mr. Felon is running from police. Active pursuit, multiple cops. Felon (I don't like the word "suspect" especially if he's shooting at you, that's beyond suspicious) was shooting at them. Down an alleyway, between two buildings, he goes; then, he hides behind a big steel dumpster. Next, he makes a terminal mistake. He pops his head up and shoots. Problem for him was that the cop to whom he's just presented his head was the firearms instructor / range-master of the police shooting range. You know what happened next.
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    1. TMT Tactical
      I agree with your peephole (door viewer) concept. Too many people think that the door is cover vs. concealment. Cover will stop bullets. Concealment will not stop bullets. I have watched many bullet penetration test videos and completely agree that household door will not provide any kind of safety from an armed person. Before putting your eye to the peephole, stand to one side and wave you hand across the peephole. Chances are the shooter will shoot, once the eyehole is blocked. Also being a big fan of action movies (mostly filed with poor tactics) the bad guys always expose themselves and the good guys always shoot them. In real life, exposed appendages get shot, no matter if you are one of the good guys.
      TMT Tactical, Dec 7, 2023
  19. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Again, what we Americans have to put up with. Don't let this happen in your nation! Block immigrant invasion!

    In America, slavers brought in Africans as slaves = against The Creator's Will = became a plague upon our nation. Slavery was a deep, deep sin. We should have fought slavery long before our first civil war.

    Another example = violating rain forests = invoking primate killer viruses = new plagues. Some forests can easily be re-grown, but NOT RAIN FORESTS. That environment is waaaayyy too fragile. The soil there doesn't rejuvenate. Under same heading = Stop letting Japan buy our old-growth forests in Washington state and Oregon. They raped their own forests. Don't let them have our old growth forest regions.

    Never allow the Natural Order be violated. Things are as Willed by a Higher Intellect. Never imagine yourself to be smarter nor more powerful, else you will suffer. We can never imagine The Will that brought us into reality. All religions are insufficient to the task. Seek humility.

    "Seattle homeowner fires back at would-be burglars amid string of neighborhood robberies"


    "Police are investigating a string of home robberies in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle last week, including one in which the homeowner exchanged gunfire with the would-be home invaders.

    "The first incident took place on Dec. 18 near the intersection of Beacon Avenue and South Graham Street. A man told police he was walking home from a casino and was approached by several men brandishing firearms.

    "The suspects forced the man to open the door to his home and ransacked the place, before fleeing the scene with cash.

    "Two days later, South Precinct officers responded to an attempted home invasion near the intersection of Beacon Avenue South and South Ferdinand Street around 5:30 a.m. The homeowner told police that three men tried to break down his door but were unsuccessful and left.

    "Early the next morning, four male suspects returned to the same address and tried to break down the front door with a sledgehammer. The victim, awakened by the noise, grabbed a rifle and shot at the would-be home invaders. The suspects fired back at the homeowner as they retreated into vehicles and fled the scene.

    "Seattle police said the robberies share a similar set of circumstances to a series of robberies that happened earlier this year, in which all of the victims were of Asian descent and the suspects were all Black males.

    "Though the suspects in these pattern robberies have been arrested and are in jail, investigators are concerned about the recent uptick in similar cases, Seattle police said. "


    In the case of Asian Americans, we brought them over to enable us build our railroads. They were paid FAR less than that which they should have been paid. They were great workers, yet we didn't reward them.

    After the railroads were finished, we treated the Asians horribly. Asian ghettos were burned and many died.

    Those who lived, those who stayed, flourished in America. No matter what oppression, they overcame. Today, they are the best of citizens. In our schools and in the workplace, they are just the finest!
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  20. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    I wish these women had had some sort of a weapon available to them for self-defense.

    The police arrive to gather evidence after rapes and murders occur. Police are unable to prevent such horrors.

    "Brutal sex attacker who tied up teenagers as he carried out two sickening home invasion rapes 12 hours apart in Aylesbury is jailed for life"

    11th Jul 2023


    Begin quote

    Brutal rapist Albert Lamb who tied up two teenagers after breaking into their home and raped the 17-year-old girl on her mother's bed, was jailed for life yesterday (Mon).

    Lamb will have to serve a minimum of 12 years in jail before being considered for parole.

    Grace Ong, prosecuting, recounted for the court the string of horrifying events that took place over a 12-hour time span in February this year.

    She said: "On the Sunday evening of February 12, 2023, Lamb went to the house of the first complainant and knocked on the front door. When nobody answered, he went around the back and climbed over the fence and asked to be let in. The complainant held up her phone and said she would call the police.

    "He managed to climb into the kitchen from the window and took her phone away from her."

    Ms Ong continued: "He comes in and immediately started to attack her with a metal bar. After she was hit, she said everything became hazy. She went to the bathroom to mend her cuts and noticed there was blood everywhere. At which point Lamb entered and said he wanted to have sex. He was still holding the metal bar."

    Judge Tulk heard that Lamb went on to rape the woman in her bathroom while she bled from her head.

    She said that Lamb managed to escape the police, who had been called by neighbours, by climbing out of the bathroom window. Before he left, he threatened the woman that he would come back to "finish her off" if she spoke to the police.

    The next day, at around 11am, 44-year-old Lamb broke into another home less than a couple miles away from where he committed his first rape.

    Mrs Ong told the court: "On the morning of February 13, the second victim, an underage girl, said a man rang her doorbell. She opened the door and he started talking to her about a mattress that had been left on their driveway. He offered to move it, and to leave his number.

    "When she declined, he burst into the house and closed the door behind him. He put his hand on her mouth and told her 'Don't scream. I have killed before and I will kill you'."

    Mrs Ong continued: "He took the girl to her mother's bedroom and began to rape her. He asked her age and when she told him she hoped it would make him stop. But instead, he moaned and continued raping her. She described it as 'really, really, really painful.'

    After the rape, Lamb went around the house looking for money and saw the girl's younger brother hiding in his bedroom.

    Mrs Ong said: "The boy had heard everything that was going on and had called the police."

    Lamb tied up both children so tightly that the girl lost sensation of her fingers. He tied their ankles with leggings and escaped the house. The children managed to open a window and explain to police officers who arrived, that they were tied up and in need of immediate assistance.

    Both victims had suffered significant injuries, including internal bleeding from the rape in the case of the teenage girl and lacerations to the head in the case of the woman.

    The teenage girl describes having lost 6kg in weight and parts of her hair due to the stress and anguish from the attack.

    She said: "Since the incident I have lost a lot of my independence, which I value dearly. I cannot stand to be left alone as I end up getting flashbacks. I can no longer get the bus to school. Everyone is a threat to me now - and it is exhausting."

    End quote

    Old Geezer: Hopefully, this monster will be raped (with a jagged metal pipe) and killed while in prison. If he ever gets out, he'll return to torturing people for his pleasure.

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  21. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    If migrants have come to loot, then you gotta shoot. Find any ammo cheap, buy it. In 9mm, I'm buying FMJ due to prices having fallen below $20 / box of 50 rounds -- pay cash, no I.D. required in most US Heartland states. FMJ is OK for the range and to chase away those who you initially do not want to kill (aim for dirt, feet, lower legs). Same is true of birdshot even though birdshot is super valuable to hunt/provide small game meat for the stew pot. Seems standard velocity .22 LR is as expensive as high velocity .22 LR ammo o_O:rolleyes:. Still, I buy standard/subsonic .22 LR, because it is more accurate, doesn't damage edible meat like high velocity hollow-points, and is substantially quieter, plus doesn't have the supersonic crack sound.

    Post-SHTF, cats may or may not last long (?). People will be eating them. I would. A .22 high vel. HP will nail a cat. How about standard velocity rounds through the heart or lungs? Will this do the trick. Any head-shot will likely kill even with a high velocity .22 pellet rifle. Shot a cat with a .177 in the guts/lungs (?) at 40+ yards and all it did was scream, spin around, and run away. But, what about standard velocity .22 LR rounds? I've never killed a cat with target ammo. Does this work well? Does it word at all?

    Here's some pre-SHTF advice for American Southerners. Post-SHTF, this is how ALL intruders must be handled all across Western nations.

    "Florida Sheriff Encourages Residents to Shoot Intruders"


    Begin quote

    In a press conference in Santa Rosa County, Florida, Sheriff Bob Johnson made headlines with his bold statements: “If somebody’s breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot them in Santa Rosa County. We prefer that you do, actually.”

    Sheriff Johnson’s controversial statement came during a press conference where he addressed rising concerns about home invasions and property crimes in Santa Rosa County. He argued that residents have the right to defend themselves and their property, even if it means using lethal force

    “So whoever that was, you’re not in trouble,” Johnson added. “Come see us. We have a gun safety class we put on every other Saturday. And if you take that, you’ll shoot a lot better and hopefully you’ll save the taxpayers money.” https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=4999213036780608

    The statement has reignited the debate on self-defense, property rights, and law enforcement’s role. It comes at a time when squatter cases are making headlines in New York, adding complexity to the discussion.

    One such case in New York involved a homeowner who faced a nightmare scenario when squatters took over his property. Despite being the rightful owner, the homeowner was arrested. https://nypost.com/2024/03/23/opini...sees-rightful-owner-arrested-end-the-madness/

    Another squatter case in New York led to the arrest of individuals after a woman was found stuffed in a bag in a NYC apartment. https://abc7ny.com/nyc-squatters-murder-pennsylvania/14558280/

    End quote
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  22. lonewolf

    lonewolf Societal Collapse Survivalist. Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    home invasions are not a thing in the rural South west of England, I have only heard of one such occurence in the 15 years I have lived here and that was a druggie looking for stuff to sell to fund his habit and he is long gone.
    burglary is an urban crime, most crime in country areas is farm machinery or diesel, some times some sheep rustling but even that is rare these days.
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