Bush Fires And Homesteading Disasters

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    Good morning all,

    It's an Aussie article regarding one of their area's disasters but the article tells of principles applicable to many other areas - and also to subject matter other than bush fires.

    Note article's "bushfire-hardened" and "If a fire comes through, the old house is likely to catch on fire and ignite the new house. 'That's one of the great weaknesses in the standards'".

    Now think of spin-offs to the above principle. A few elderly get no cost immunizations against influenza. Many others do not get the shot. Children get sick. The recent high school grad buys a used car and has it in perfect shape. All fluids are maintained at correct levels. Tire pressure AOK and frequently checked. Some elderly never check tire pressure nor brake fluid level.

    I live in an area that could experience a forest fire. The one public road could easily be blocked by a disabled car.

    I have a major focus on evacuation plans and testing them.

    Homesteading is now intertwined with local governmental matters. The immediately-demanded skills and resources have less to do with building than with addressing the governmental giving out building and occupancy permits to those not even safe in a supervised old-age rest home.
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