Any Experience With Fish Traps?

Discussion in 'Primitive Fishing' started by Jewelweed, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Trapping is a lot more practical than spending active time hunting or fishing. If I'm hungry, I'm not going to worry much about the sport of fishing. The first fish trap I learned was one of the super simple plastic bag style and one that can catch really tiny fish with a slightly modified plastic soda bottle. We have wire to make more modern fish traps to use off of the dock at home or in the stream at the bug-out cabin.

    Lately though, I have become fascinated by the larger primitive fish traps. Has anyone ever tried anything like this:

    If so, was it worth the effort involved? I would think that you'd only have to do it once or twice and then just check it occasionally like any other trap.
  2. Bishop

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    Yes they work but you need more than just one or two you have to set them like a trap line here one I made for Earth day a few years back I also make and set crawfish traps to with these kinds of traps other animals like to check them too I had a otter clean out all of my crawfish traps more than a few times.

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